Mass Text Messaging: The Complete Guide

Why Businesses Send Mass Text Messages

All different types of nusinesses text their customers and clients - from mom-and-pop shops to Fortune 500 companies. We've put together a short list of popular verticals to give you an idea of the different ways that businsesses use text messaging.


Slow night? Have a menu that changes on a daily basis? Have a special upcoming event? Text your customers and get patrons through the door.



Retail Stores

Retailers And Shops
Local shops and national retailers send mass text messages to their customers to offer up deals, discounts, and invitations to special events. Advanced uses include mobile coupons!



Bars & Nightclubs

Bars And NightclubsBars and nightclubs were the first adopters of mass text messaging. If you own or manage a nightlife venue and you're not texting at this point you're making life too easy for your competitors!



Concert Venues

Concert VenuesHow do you ensure that you'll sell out your next show? Start collecting the phone numbers of concertgoers and send them text messages the next time their favorite acts are playing your venue.



Communications Within Large Companies

Keep In Touch With EmployeesDo you have dozens of employees? How about hundreds? Or maybe a few thousand spread across the country in multiple offices. How do you reach everyone in the event of an emergency, whether they're at their desk to receive an email or not? A mass text message can save the day.



Real Estate Agencies & Realtors

Real Estate Agencies
Forward thinking real estate firms stay a step ahead of the competition by building up lists of clients and texting those people when properties that interest them come on the market for rental or sale



Golf Courses

Golf Courses
It's Saturday morning and it's raining. The sun looks ready to break through soon. Dozens of foursomes have their tee-times set. Send a mass text message and let everyone know that their tee times have been pushed them back an hour.