Mass Text Messaging: The Complete Guide

So What Is Mass Text Messaging

Perhaps you came here searching for mass text messaging - or you might have been looking for information about text blasting, bulk texting, bulk SMS, or a dozen other terms. They all refer to the same thing - sending one message, at once, to many people. Perhaps you own a restaurant that seats 70 patrons. It's a quiet Friday night. How can you fill those seats? If you've been collecting your patrons' mobile phone numbers you can quickly send everyone on your contact list a message offering a free appetizer with the purchase of an entree. Seats filled. A quiet night turned into a busy Friday.

So the natural question is, How do I send a mass text message? Put down your mobile phone. Sending mass text messages from your phone doesn't work. You simply can't send 100 or 100,000 (yes, mass text messagign campaigns can be that big...and bigger) from your own phone. It would take you quite a long time, and if the message is commercial in nature, your carrier probably forbids you from sending the messages in the first place. So how do you send mass text messages? A number of reputable companies (who make sure their customers aren't spamming), and many disreputable companies operate mass text messaging services over the web. You can see our favorite mass texting services here. Otherwise, keep reading.

One - It's On The Web, Not Your Phone!

You send mass text messages using your computer
Once you've chosen a mass text messaging service you'll want to create an account, sign up for a plan that allows you to send as many messages you need, and then login.



Two - Who Is Getting Your Mass Text Message?

Choose which customers to send your mass text message to.
If you've chosen a reputable mass text messaging service, they definitely offer features that allow you to sort your contacts into groups. If you're the restaurant we talked about in the example at the top of the page, you might have separate lists for your staff and your customers.



Three - Type Your Mass Text...Using Your Keyboard

Use Your Keyboard To Type Your Text Message
Forget about cramped keypads, T9, and touchscreens. When you send a mass text message you type it out using your keyboard. Aggravation averted.



Four - Everyone Receives Your Text Message.

Everyone Receives The Group Text Message That You SentDepending on the number of people who you are sending your text message to, it will take anywhere from a few seconds to a minute or two to deliver all of the messages.



Reviews Of Mass SMS Services

If you've read this far you're probably ready for our recommendations. Read our list of the five best mass text messaging services now!