Mass Text Messaging: The Complete Guide

Text Messaging: The Way Americans Connect In 2012

In 2000, Americans sent 14.4 million text messages per month. Five years later, they were sending 9.8 billion text messages per month. And then things took off. When the mobile carriers tallied up all of the messages American sent in 2011, it broke down to a staggering 193.1 billion text messages per month. That's 2.3 trillion text messages sent in 2011!

Every day Americans send 5 billion text messages!

So what does this mean to you, a business owner? Text messaging is the marketing channel of the moment. But how do you send text messages to large groups effortlessly and affordably? Mass Text Messaging is the key. Type your message once, send it to 10 people or 10,000 people with a single click.

Use Your Computer To Send Mass SMSOne Messages Goes To Many PeopleYour Entire Group Receives Your Text Message


Mass Text Messaging - Permission Is Key!

Just like email marketing, there are rules to follow when it comes to mass text messaging. We all know what's OK and what's not OK. The same principles apply for mass text messaging, only more stringently, becuase people pay to receive text messages. Simply put you must have permission to send someone a text message. If you're texting 10,000 customers, those 10,000 customers must have 'opted-in' to receive messages from you. What is an opt-in? Opting in is the act of a person giving you permission to send them text messages. Common opt-in methods are web widgets that collect phone numbers and Keywords that people can text to short codes (for example text CAFE to 12345).

Abide by the golden rule of mass text messaging: Never send mass text messages without permission.

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