Mass Text Messaging: The Complete Guide

Reviews Of Our Five Favorite Mass Texting Companies

Ready to launch your first mass text messaging campaign? We're glad we helped you understand how mass texting works. The next step is choosing a provider. There are dozens of them out there - but these are our five favorite firms:

First Place: The Club Texting Mass SMS Service

Club TextingOne Sentence Verdict: Unbeatable prices combined with great support wins the day.

Our Opinion: Club Texting is one of the oldest text messaging service providers in the US. They've stuck around while so many other companies have gone out of business for good reason. You can chat with them, you can call them, and you can email them at four in the morning. Someone is always there to help. Service matters just as much as price. They also can deliver to Canada, which is a nice plus.



Second Place: TellMyCell Mass Texting Service

TellMyCellOne Sentence Verdict: A relative newcomer that we've heard nothing but good things about.

Our Opinion: When we canvased our industry contacts the name TellMyCell came up a few times. Their slogan is Group SMS For Your Business. We checked them out and we like what we see. Slick interface, great prices, and lots of useful guides to get you going.



Third Place: MoboMix - Cheap Mass Text Mesaging

MoboMix Mass TextingOne Sentence Verdict: A new site (as of 2011) that offers the cheapest mass text messaging prices in the industry.

Our Opinion: MoboMix is a newer site, but they've made a big splash with a clean, straightforward website that explains their value proposition - 'The Cheapest Way To Send Mass Text Messages.' The system is reliable and top-notch, which means there is no trade-off that comes with such low prices.




Fourth Place: RedOxygen SMS

Red OxygenOne Sentence Verdict: Not the best prices but great global reach.

Our Opinion: If your mass text messaging campaigns aren't going to be confined to the US then you should definitely consider RedOxygen. They're based out of Australia but they can plans to users in over a dozen countries.




Fifth Place: Group Texting

Group TextingOne Sentence Verdict: Great prices, free Keywords and long codes make for a compelling offering.

Our Opinion: If you don't want to deal with the hassles of short codes, along with the tight content restrictions, Group Texting is where you want to go. As they say, 'The Power Of Mass Texting. The Freedom Of Long Codes.'




Sixth Place - BULKSMS USA Bulk Service

BULKSMSOne Sentence Verdict: When you call your company BULKSMS clearly you're committed to doing one thing and doing it well.

Our Opinion: BULK SMS, available in more than a few countries, can deliver your messages to 180 different countries. Their reach is impressive. Their pricing, while it isn't amazing, is pretty good.